The English Football Association (FA) has asked FIFA to pass a rule allowing divers to be punished retrospectively.

“We’re in discussions with Fifa on retrospective disciplinary action,” FA chief executive Brian Barwick told The Times newspaper.

“We have raised diving as a priority area where video evidence may be used.

“We also stressed the need to tackle the issue by insisting that clamping down on diving should be a priority at this summer’s World Cup.”

Diving, or simulation as it is known, is under the spotlight at the moment following a number of high-profile incidents. The FA would like to change the current situation whereby they powerless to act if an incident has been dealt with at the time by referees.

However, Barwick admitted that it would not be easy to make diving a red card offence.

“I have seen the suggestion that diving should be penalised by a red card,” he said.

“This would require a major change to the laws, which are universal and cannot be amended without Fifa’s support.”

Barwick asked everyone involved in the game to take responsibility for the culture of diving.

“There is a definite need for close co-operation and self-policing,” he said.

“It is essential that managers, players and clubs are closely involved as they are the ones who suffer the most directly from it.

“It is about players cutting it out of their game, managers refusing to tolerate it among their players, referees spotting it and punishing it when it happens and governing bodies supporting them.”