FA chief executive Adam Crozier has resigned from his post, it has been confirmed.

The announcement comes after the Scotsman had come under pressure from a number of Premier League chairmen who claimed that Crozier had been making decisions beyond his remit.

Geoff Thompson, Chairman of The FA, issued a staement on the FA’s official website, that read: “It is with great regret and sadness that I have today accepted Adam Crozier’s resignation. During almost three years as our Chief Executive, Adam has led the transformation of The FA into a successful, modern organisation, which I know is now respected throughout the world in sport and in business.

“Adam has always set ambitious and motivating targets for The FA and its people and he has surpassed all our expectations by meeting his objectives and bringing about important and progressive changes to the way we run our organisation.

“Adam’s decision is based on two key principles: 1. That the three year change programme he initiated in January 2000 is coming to a natural end.2. A difference of opinion over how the game should be run and regulated in the future, within The FA.

“It is on this second issue that Adam does not feel he can compromise and I fully respect his point of view. ΓΏ

“As this is essentially a professional difference of opinion there are, therefore, no personal issues whatsoever on either side.

“I would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Adam for his tremendous vision and drive. He leaves The FA in a very strong position financially, structurally and in a football sense.

“Finally, the two Vice Chairmen and I have asked Adam to remain with us for some time in order to ensure a smooth transition for the benefit of The FA. We are delighted thatAdam has accepted this proposal.”

Crozier said: “I am extremely proud to have been asked to lead The FA through a very important and exciting period in its history. I have enjoyed and am grateful for the support and co-operation of so many people throughout football at all levels – the clubs, their players,the managers, coaches and supporters – and in the various organisations, agencies and authorities that work with The FA to develop the game in this country.

“I have also benefited from the fantastic support and professionalism of my staff and colleagues at The FA over the past three years. I am extremely grateful to all of them for their hard work and commitment during a period of great change and for achieving such outstanding results.

“It will be difficult for me to leave a job that I have enjoyed so much and which has given me so much satisfaction. It has been a privilege to have combined my love of football with my career. I will however leave The FA with a sense of pride in our achievements and satisfaction with the progress we have made. I wish everyone at The FA considerable success for the future.”

Frank Pattison, a Vice Chairman of The FA, added: “I and my colleagues in the National Game are very saddened by Adam’s decision to resign as hehas always enjoyed our total support. However, I accept and respect Adam’s views on the future of The FA. Grass roots football has benefited enormously from Adam’s involvement during the last three years and we will greatly miss his support and encouragement.”

David Dein, a Vice Chairman of The FA, and director of Arsenal, said: “Adam has achieved much in a difficult environment. In the future Adam will be seen as a revolutionary who has left a significant and positive legacy for the entire game.

“He has led the modernisation of The FA and has had the courage to promote major initiatives such as the move to Soho Square, the newWembley Stadium and the development of the National Football Centre. I am particularly pleased that he will be staying with us in the near future to ensure continuity and to help shape our future priorities and direction.”

Crozier joined The Football Association in January 2000, taking up the post of Chief Executive. Appointed to help transform the The F.A. into a forward-thinking organisation.