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The Football Association will conduct a review of Tuesday night’s violent scenes inside and outside Upton Park before deciding what sanctions to bring against West Ham and Millwall.

Fans of both clubs clashed before and after Tuesday’s Carling Cup second round match in which the Hammers won thanks to a 3-1 extra-time success.

The game was marred by several pitch invasions and FA director of communications Adrian Bevington wants any of those indentified to be banned from football for life.

“It’s not acceptable. We condemn it wholeheartedly,” he told Sky Sports News. “We want to liaise with the Football League, the two football clubs with the police to understand exactly how the events of last night manifested themselves.

“We need to know the ticketing arrangements, stewarding arrangements and police arrangements. All the details and then we’ll take it from there.”

When asked whether the clubs could face sanctions, he replied: “That’s why we need to understand exactly what arrangements were put in place. We don’t know the full details.

“It would be wrong of me to say clubs face action because if the clubs have taken every measure possible, then why would they face action?

“Most importantly we want individuals, and there are lots of them, to be identified, arrested and put through the judicial system.

“As a minimum we want sentences to be imposed on them that lead to them being banned from football for life.

“We’re taking this incredibly seriously. The most important thing here is we find the individuals and that they are eradicated from our game first and foremost. If there’s any action to follow from that, well that would happen following an investigation.”

The West Ham boss Gianfranco Zola said the scenes were unlike anything he had seen.

“I’ve been involved in difficult games and things happened,” said Zola. “Here, I’ve played seven years and I’ve never seen it like this.

“It’s certainly not good for football. I was completely shocked. Totally.

“I knew it was a game that meant a lot for the two sets of supporters, but I didn’t imagine it like this.”

The Millwall boss Kenny Jackett said: “I wasn’t aware of the stabbing outside the ground. I’m very sad to hear that.

“We’ve got a passionate game in this country, but when it oversteps the mark then things have to be done.”

The Premier League sides not involved in Europe enter the Carling Cup this midweek. See all the matches and BestPrice betting here.

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