Rio Ferdinand has decided not to make a further appeal against his eight-month ban for failing to attend a drugs test.

The Manchester United and England defender failed in a bid to have his suspension overturned by an independent panel on 18 March.

“I still think the ban was harsh and that I have been made an example of,’ he told The Sun.

‘But I have decided it is time this case came to an end. “My first reaction was to keep going but I don’t feel it would serve any purpose by dragging it out.”

Ferdinand could have taken his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland but has opted to take his punishment.

“It has taken a couple of days to get over it and I felt a little let down by people,” he added.

“Usually, I’m always smiling, but this has left a bad taste.

“The point has been made I’m not a drug-taker. Everyone accepts that which is important to me.

“I feel I’ve cleared my name in that regard.

“The manager Sir Alex Ferguson has told me to stay focused and to come back stronger and better than I was before.

“I’m determined to do that. I have no doubt I will come out at the end of this as a better player and a better person.

“I’m going to keep going into training until the end of the season because I want to stay part of it.

“I’ve never been the sort of person who gives up. I’ve never quit on anything in my life and I have to be positive.”