Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has supported FIFA’s call for limiting the number of games a player can play each season.

FIFA are considering introducing a rule aimed at reducing the chances of ‘player burn-out’.

UEFA have already announced plans to reduce the number of matches in the Champions League from next season. Ferguson, meanwhile, backs the FIFA suggestion though he doubts whether the Premier League clubs would accept the plan.

‘It’s easy to give the answer, much harder to apply it,’ he said.

‘If you go back 10 years to the innovation of the PremierLeague, the intent was to go to 36 games. Then people started to back-track.

‘Only Arsenal and ourselves have consistently supported the original view because we could see ahead to where European football was going.

‘The fear of dropping into the dreaded First Division is too much for most of the Premier League. They need all the games and all the money. Even some of the top teams are looking at it that way.

‘So, if we can’t sort our domestic game out, what chance have we got anywhere else.’