Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has warned Arsenal that their unbeaten record in the Premiership could actually end up costing them another title.

In one of Ferguson’s now familiar jibes at his closest rivals, the United boss has suggested that Arsenal had become so preoccupied with sustaining their unbeaten run that they would be vulnerable if they suffer a loss.

Arsenal travel to Chelsea on Saturday and Ferguson’s remarks appear designed to undermine the resolve within the Guners camp.

“Arsenal have the added incentive of going undefeated and they will all be fully charged up trying to make sure they don’t lose a game,” Ferguson said.

“But I know from past experience that is a big burden to carry. I was with Rangers in 1967 when we went unbeaten right to the last game of the season and eventually lost.

“You would have to say it is very difficult to go through an entire season without losing but we are almost in March and it hasn’t happened yet.

“It makes Saturday’s game a bigger one for Chelsea, so hopefully it will prove to be a pivotal weekend.”