FIFA has agreed to set up a task force to deal with problems affecting the sport.

The “For the Good of the Game Task Force” will deal with issues such as multi-club ownership, corruption, betting and bribery.

Delegates voted 198-1 in favour of the establishment of the task force.

“We need to counter these risks. We need to be aware of these dangers. Where there is smoke there is fire and we need to put out the fires,” FIFA president Sepp Blatter said.

“There is a movement in club football, which I don’t necessarily consider a prime example of solidarity, because it leads us to conclude the rich are getting richer and they are using everything in the market to create an exodus from Africa,” he added.

“The gap is getting wider and wider. This is a problem you should be concerned about,” he told delegates.

“We have been accused of all sorts of things, for example, in the fight against doping, when we were the ones who made headway first.

“We have been accused of other things and books will be published about football being destructive and evil. Perhaps we need to be more careful and pay more attention.”

The Task Force will report directly to the executive committee and is also expected to work with police and other enforcement agencies to investogate the issue of match-fixing.