Fifa’s ethics committee has assured Michel Platini he will receive a fair hearing on Friday even if he refuses to attend the hearing in person.

In a statement issued Wednesday on behalf of the ethics judges, Platini is promised his case will be dealt with “independently and in an unbiased manner.”

The statement follows French sports daily L’Equipe’s report that Platini’s lawyers have decided that he should not attend the hearing at Fifa headquarters in Zurich.

Platini’s lawyers say he won’t attend his FIFA ethics committee hearing Friday in protest as he believes his case has already been pre-judged.

Amid speculation that the Uefa president is facing a 7-year ban from football, Platini’s lawyers have questioned if the verdict has been pre-judged over his $2 million payment from Fifa approved by Sepp Blatter in 2011.

The lawyers say in a statement that the verdict “has already been announced last weekend in the press.”

Though Fifa investigators have asked for a lifetime ban to be imposed on the former French international, Platini could escape with a shorter ban that would still effectively end his career in football politics and certainly his Fifa presidential ambitions.

Platini can appeal against any sanctions. Both he and outgoing Fifa president have denied any wrongdoing and both have vowed to clear their names.