Luis Figo has denied claims that Real Madrid’s galacticos got Jose Antonio Camacho the sack.

Camacho resigned earlier in the week amid rumours that senior players objected to his training methods and disciplinarian approach.

Figo claimed that most of the squad had been bewildered by his decision to quit.

“The truth is his departure surprised me a lot,” Figo told the club’s official website.

“Very little of the season has gone and I don’t believe you should throw in the towel for two bad results.

“I don’t know what his arguments were, because he did not speak to me. I don’t know his reasons because he did not give them to me.

“It was a surprise to me because I did not play in Barcelona (against Espanyol) and everything happened the day after.

“He will have his arguments, I never had problems with him.

“I saw him as a person with a winning spirit and his leaving surprised me for that reason.

“I don’t believe I would act in the same way, but I don’t know what led him to that decision.

“I would have liked to have known the reasons because if I have a problem with someone I talk to him, to try and resolve things.

“I think that, after all this, the players have been left in a bad situation, and many of us not knowing what led Camacho to this decision.”

Figo added that he had a clear conscience over the coach’s departure.

“I have a clear conscience which is the most important thing,” he continued.

“I do my job and that is the one thing I have in my favour: I try to give my best and nobody can ever point the finger at me.

“Having a bad day is another thing. I like to play and to win.

“I have a commitment to the club and to the manager that I will always do my job.”