Swiss justice officials say they have extradited to the United States the first of seven Fifa officials detained in a US corruption investigation into world football’s governing body.

The Swiss Federal Office of Justice did not name the official in a brief statement on Thursday, following Wednesday’s extradition.

A source told Reuters last week Jeffrey Webb, a former Fifa vice president and president of the Concacaf  federation, had agreed to be extradited to the United States to face corruption charges.

Webb was one of 14 Fifa officials charged by US authorities in connection with bribery and corruption within football’s governing body.

“The first of the seven¬†Fifa officials being held in custody in Switzerland was extradited to the US on 15 July,” the justice office said.

“He was handed over to a three-man US police escort in Zurich who accompanied him on the flight to New York.”

Meanwhile, Swiss authorities have begun questioning the other six officials facing extradition to the United States for their alleged roles in the Fifa scandal.

Brazilian FA president Jose Maria Marin, FIFA vice-presidents Eugenio Figueredo plus Eduardo Li, Julio Rocha, Costas Takkas and Rafael Esquivel.

The Swiss Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) confirmed that hearings were underway but did not give further details.

“Marin and others were questioned this week whether they would agree or not to a simplified extradition,” one Swiss legal source told Reuters. “The result is unknown.”

Figueredo has had a request for bail on health grounds rejected. The defendants are believed to be held in four different prisons.