Football Application Introduced For Foresight Sports GCHawk

Foresight Sports is a company normally associated with the world of golf with its selection of launch monitor products that help golfers learn about their golf games more.

Statistics are given on spin, strike, launch and a variety of other factors and the GCHawk they launched earlier in 2019 does this and more.

Looking to take a step into the world of multi-sport entertainment, Foresight have introduced a football application to the product so footballers can experience the greater knowledge and fun the GCHawk can provide.

According to Foresight Sports Europe’s Sales Manager Steve Dacre, the timing for the GCHawk’s multi-sport upgrades couldn’t be better. “The demand for multi-sport entertainment is growing exponentially across every market. Our commercial clients want to offer a bigger variety of true-to-life virtual game options for their customers, and our consumer clients want more gaming options for themselves and their families. With the GCHawk now offering football, the world’s most accurate and reliable launch monitor is now also the most versatile.”

The monitor is affixed to the ceiling and thanks to its huge sensor range, it is ideal for capturing launch and spin data for golf, football, and also other sports like baseball, hockey and volleyball.

“We’re extremely excited to add in-depth football tracking to our capabilities,” says Foresight Sports Europe Director Edward Doling. “But this is only the beginning. You can expect more sports tracking abilities, more performance and gaming options, and ultimately more entertainment experiences from us in the very near future.”

The new football application can be purchased immediately in the form of a firmware upgrade and Foresight Sports’ football experience ‘Skill Drill’ is also available. This game is one of many offered by Foresight Sports and the company has said there are more titles coming soon.

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