Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer believes the use of goal-line technoogy will be the first of many technologocal innovations that will be incorportated into the sport in the coming years.

The Bayern Munich honorary president even thinks that referees will one day day be replaced by drones hovering all over the pitch.

Speaking to Sky90 Beckenbauer said: “We are living in a century that’s all about technology. We all know that it doesn’t end with goal-line technology.

“At some point, we won’t even need a referee any more. Drones will be keeping an eye on whatever happens on the pitch at some point.

“I genuinely think this is the future. I won’t be alive when it happens, though, so it’s up to other people to fight it.

“This isn’t something that’s been discussed at FIFA. It’s just a personal idea of mine.”

Goal-line technology will arrive in the Bundesliga for the start of next season onwards, after a successful period of use in the Premier League.