France defender Mikael Silvestre has revealed that goalkeeper Fabien Barthez had studied videos of David Beckham’s penalty-taking prior to France’s 2-1 win over England.

Barthez saved Beckham’s second-half spot-kick to keep France in the game at 1-0.

“We had a look at all the penalties he took and he was always taking them this way,” said Silvestre after France’s last-gasp 2-1 win.

“So Fabien did a good job. He went to his right and it was a great save.”

Silvestre admitted that he was fortiunate to stay on the pitch after bringing down Wayne Rooney for the England penalty.

“I could have been sent off.

“I’m surprised to only have a yellow card.

“I think the referees had a meeting about not punishing teams too easily.”

Meanwhile, France winger Robert Pires was elated with the result.

“That was just an unbelievable atmosphere and we are very happy with the result,” said Pires.

“I suppose it was like the final (against Italy) four years ago but in that match we scored an equaliser in injury time but then got the winner in extra-time.

“I have never played in a match where we have turned the game around like that to win in injury time.

“It reminded me of when Manchester United won the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

“This will be very important for the matches still to come and now we can approach the rest of the tournament with confidence.”