Liverpool look set to become the target of a fresh takeover bid after a Los Angeles-based Hollywood executive confirmed he is interested in buying a stake in the club.

Liverpool-born Mike Jefferies has been in negotiations the club for the last six weeks.

“We would like to be able to contribute to helping Liverpool become the most successful club in the world again,” Jefferies told The Financial Times, which reports the bid to be worth £100m.

Earlier this year, Liverpool were targeted by a Thai media mogul and the Thai Prime Minister, while construction tycoon Steve Morgan’s offered to underwrite a £73m share offer.

Jefferies is in partnership with Stuart Ford, an entertainment lawyer also based in the USA.

The duo are said to be keen to buyout the Moores family, who own 51.6% of the club, but they are reported to be eager to retain the involvement of the club chairman David Moores.

Jefferies is chairman of Milkshake Films, whose latest fil ‘Goal!’ is about a South American footballer who comes to the English Premiership.