Andy Cole and midfielder Pape Bouba Diop will be “heavily fined” by Fulham after their dismissals in Saturday’s fiery encounter with West Bromwich Albion.

Cole and Diop were sent off along with West Brom’s Neil Clement, prompting the English Football Association to issue a series of misconduct charges.

“Having participated at the highest levels of the game, Pape Bouba and Andrew should have known better than to respond unlawfully to the provocations to which they were apparently subjected by certain West Bromwich Albion players,” Fulham said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Violent conduct, whether provoked or otherwise, is totally unacceptable to Fulham Football Club and both players are to be heavily fined by the Club for their misbehaviour.” No details of the fines were given. Normally clubs can only dock players a maximum of two weeks’ wages under an agreement with the players’ union.

Fulham face two charges: failing to control their players and ensure Diop left the field properly after his red card.