Fulham manager Chris Coleman has accused Manchester United of trying to “bully” them into selling Louis Saha.

United are keen to sign Saha and are reported to have submitted an £8m bid for the French striker.

“You get that feeling that we are being bullied into selling one of our players,” said Coleman.

“I don’t like bullies and I don’t like being bullied, that is why we are determined to hang on to Louis Saha.”

“When someone asks you if a player is available and you say ‘no’ and they make a bid and you say ‘no’ and they keep coming back, and it is in the newspapers and they come back again, that’s disappointing,” said Coleman.

“He has two and a half years left on his contract, so if he says ‘I’m leaving’ he can’t just get up and walk out. Will he put in a request? I hope not.”

Coleman’s complaint comes on the heels of an equally critical attack on Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson, by the Fuulham chairman Mohamed al Fayed.

“I am fed up with Sir Alex Ferguson trying to disrupt my club and constantly try to unsettle my players,” said al Fayed.

“I have a clear message to Sir Alex and anyone else who is interested: ‘Read my lips, Saha is not for sale’.”