A prominent players’ agent has been released from custody by the Belgian authorities as the investigation into match-fixing gathers pace.

He had been due to appear in court and was released just before the hearing.

“Pietro Alatta has been released but still faces the charges against him,” a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor said.

The spokeswoman confirmed that another agent had been charged with active corruption. The agent admitted trying to bribe two players in the Belgian league. Both players refused to particpate in the scam.

Alatta handed himself in to police on Monday after returning from Mauritius.

Belgian police will now investigate the financial accounts of Alatta and Filippo Gaone, chairman of the Belgian first division club La Louviere.

Gaone has also been charged along with the club’s lawyer Laurent Denis.

Five Belgian clubs are under investigation along with many officials, players and individuals connected with the game.

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