Europe’s G-14 group, representing the continent’s most powerful clubs, have vowed to boycott FIFA’s World Club Championship next year.

The group voted against participating in the resurrected event.

“We’re satisfied with the current competitions and have no wish to fill the schedules even more,” said Bayern Munich chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

The G-14 also decided to proceed with its demand for compensation for releasing players for national teams.

FIFA intends to revive the competition – first played in 2000 – between clubs from six continents, but the G-14 said there were already too many fixtures in the football calendar.

“No club from the G-14 will participate in this FIFA competition,’ Rummenigge added.

‘We refuse to play the World Championship and our decision is final.”

For t he reorganised tournament the champions of Africa, Asia, Concacaf and Oceania would play in a first-round knockout, with the two winners then meeting the top European and South American clubs.

The new tournament could replace the long established Intercontinental Cup between the European and South American champions.

The G-14 also agreed to continue with its demand for financial compensation from FIFA and UEFA for releasing players for international duty. Such a move will set the group on a collision course with FIFA, whosd chief, Sepp Blatter, recently declared he would not negotiate with the G-14.