The G14 group of leading European clubs has dismissed criticism of its organisation from football’s governing bodies and said it would press on with plans to expand the federation to 40 or more clubs.

Jean-Michel Aulas, who is also chairman of French champions Lyon, said he was surprised at the calls from UEFA President Michel Platini and FIFA President Sepp Blatter for the G14 to disband.

“This federation will be a constructive force towards FIFA and UEFA,” Aulas told Le Monde.

“Membership of the federation will be based on UEFA’s club rankings,” he said.

The G14, which currently comprises 18 of the most powerful clubs in Europe, is due to meet in Paris later this month to firm up proposals for expansion.

The aim was to increase the size of G14 in 2008 and included plans to bring in clubs from Asia, Africa and the Americas.

“We will of course meet Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter,” Aulas added.

The G14 is currently in conflict with FIFA over a compensation claim made by Charleroi for a player injured while on international duty. The case was referred to Europe’s highest court earlier this month. A similar case involving Aulas’s Lyon is expected to reach the courts soon.

Platini said earier this week he would like to see UEFA’s newly-created Professional Football Strategy Council become the forum to settle disputes and called on the G14 to disband.