The G14 group, representing many of Europe’s biggest clubs, want the format of the Champions League changed to increase the number of games.

A change in the competition format in 2003 led to more knockout ties but fewer games overall and G14 wants a rethink.

“We are not talking about doubling the number of games, it may be adding just one or two,” Barcelona vice-president Ferran Soriano told BBC Sport.

“We have to have the opportunity to participate in the final decision.”

The G14 group, which at the weekend denied reports it was planning to launch a breakaway competition, was furious that they were not consulted when the format change was initially proposed .

“The last time it was changed from two group stages to one we couldn’t say anything and that can’t happen again,” added Soriano.

“In general terms the Champions League is a fantastic competition but we want to have more games if possible.

“We also want to guarantee competition in every game – in some of the final group games there is no real competition because the first and second place is already decided.

“We want more games and guaranteed competition all the time.”

Soriano hinted that the clubs would favour the idea of a bigger initial group stage.

The Barcelona vice-president added that any increase in the number of Champions League games would have an impact on the international calendar.

“More match days for the Champions League is an issue for the national associations as regards international dates and that comes back to the calendar,” he said.

“If those decisions are only taken through the national associations’ point of view then we are not maximising the global benefits.”

Amomg the demands made by the G14 group is “adequate compensation” for the release of players for international matches – and for players who are injured when on international duty.

The clubs also want a share of the revenue from the World Cup and European Championship – if their players are used in those tournaments.

Soriano said: “We want to be present in the decision bodies and whether that is through G14 is not so relevant.

“We want a more intense participation at an official level.”

“We are key players in the industry and want to have the same power to decide as the national associations.

“We are not talking about a power struggle, about trying to get more money, about trying to be more greedy,” he insisted.

“It is about participation in the industry and that is no different from any other business in the world.

“I think the year 2006 will be a key year and that we will have a clearer situation and a better balance at the end of it.”

“Fifa and Uefa have to strike back in the war with G14,” Listkiewicz said in the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

Meanwhile, Michal Listkiewicz, a member of Uefa’s club competitions committee and president of the Polish football federation, is urging Uefa and Fifa to ban players and officials from participating in a European club competition organised by G14

“I’m going to present two ideas to our committee. First, all players who will participate in any G14 super league should get a life ban from all Uefa and Fifa competitions. It will work.

“I’m sure that at least 80% of players, especially the young ones, will not want to lose the chance to play at the World Cup or European Championship. Second, the same ban will apply to all the Fifa and Uefa referees. Money is not everything.”

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