Germany to be handsomely rewarded if they win World Cup

Germany’s players stand to each earn a payout of 300,000 euros if they win next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

The German Football Federation says team captain Philipp Lahm and the rest of the players agreed to keep the same incentive scheme that was in place for last year’s European Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

Under that scheme payment only kicks in after the second round, with each player receiving 50,000 euros for reaching the quarter-finals, 100,000 euros for reaching the semi-finals and 150,000 euros for the final — doubled if successful.

DFB general secretary Helmut Sandrock says “the national team wants sporting success in Brazil. And if they’re successful there, it should also be rewarded accordingly.”

Three hundred thousand euros is not to be sniffed at, but if you take a look at the annual salaries for the Bayern Munich squad (listed here), you’ll see that for some of the established names in the Germany squad, it amounts to little more than a fortnight’s wages.