The son of Libyan leader Muamar Ghaddafi may be ready to increase his stake in Italian football by adding a shareholding in Lazio to his established financial interest in the Fiat group which owns Juventus.

Ghaddafi’s son and noted football fanatic, Al-Saadi, flew in by helicopter today to the Lazio training centre at Formello outside Rome to view the facilities and meet coach Roberto Mancini.

Gadaffi junior said: “I have been a friend of Lazio for at least 12 years even though I am a fan of Juventus. I have come here to learn how we might improve football and its facilities in Libya. I have worked with a number of Italian coaches and we hope we may also be able to sign up some Italian players in due course.”

It is inevitable that Libyan financial support may be under consideration for the Cirio foods group owned by Lazio president Sergio Cragnotti.

The Libyan capital, Tripoli, hosted the season-opening Italian Supercup between Juventus and Parma.
By Keir Radnedge