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The Glazer family have issued a statement informing Manchester United fans to stop worrying about the club’s future.

The Glazers have come under fire this week after two of the club’s three remaining non-Glazer directors resigned.

“They are very private people but they have the passion,” a spokesman told the BBC.

“United is a very stable, solid brand and what the Glazers have demonstrated is that they still add value.”

Finance director Humby and commercial director Anson both handed in their resignations on Tuesday, but will remain in post until the new year.

The Glazers are keen to stress the club is in better shape than ever, despite complaints from some supporters about the lack of transparency in the club’s business dealings.

Following the buy-out in 2005, Old Trafford’s capacity has been expanded and the club signed a record £56.5m shirt sponsorship deal with American banking giant AIG.

“There were lots of scare stories last year of massive price hikes and the value of the club going down,” the family’s spokesman added.

“But in the 16 months since they took over, no-one could argue that Manchester United isn’t worth more.

“Investors are clamouring to get involved because they see the attraction of what the Glazers bring to the party in the sports business and the Manchester United brand.

“The debt issue is a red herring because United is a stable asset with a stable cash flow.

“Provided there’s growth, spending trends continue and the club is well-run, which it is, then the debt isn’t an issue.”

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