Deco has appealed to Barcelona fans to go easy on his international colleague Luis Figo when the former idol of the Camp Nou returns for Saturday’s eagerly-awaited clash with Real Madrid.

Figo has never been forgiven for leaving Barcelona to join arch rivals Real in the summer of 2000, but Deco has warned the home supporters that any abuse directed at the player may backfire.

“It’s normal that people have something against Luis after what happened, and it will always be like that, but the hatred has subsided a bit,” he declared.

“If something happens (to Figo) it will only harm Barcelona.”

“All players know what a Barca-Madrid game is about, I don’t need them to tell me even though I have not played in one,” he continued.

“I know exactly what this game means.

“The only thing I hope for is to win, it doesn’t matter how we play.”