The Villareal goalkeeper Asenjo, who landed on his head in Sunday night’s clash with Espanyol, has been told by doctors he was “very lucky” to not have done more damage.

In the 81st minute on Sunday night the 25-year-old shot-stopper jumped to take a high ball, but fell over defender Chechu Dorado and landed on his head, awkwardly twisting his neck.

“I do not remember very well how I fell,” he said. “The doctors were questioning me and then I saw the images, they were striking. I did not think it had happened like that. I thought I had taken a blow to the head, but not that I had twisted my neck. It could have been serious and the doctors have already told me that I was very lucky.”

Remarkably, Asenjo continued to play on and conceded a late equaliser as the match ended 1-1.

“The rush of adrenaline makes you continue, but when I went back to the dressing room I began to feel dizzy and so I went to get tested, for precaution more than anything,” he admitted. “I was a bit groggy after it happened, but I was fine to continue in full condition. Then it hit me, but at no moment did I lose consciousness. My family was very worried until I was able to talk with them, the truth is I understand that those images are pretty scary.”

The Villareal goalkeeper said that he would be taking it easy in training during international week.

“The work in the gym with the physical trainers has saved me from something more serious,” he said. “This week I will take it a bit more easily. Right now I am really fine, but we do not have the league [this week] and we can recuperate better.”