Members of Greece’s triumphant Euro 2004 squad are furious with government officials for failing to fulfil their promise of making bonus payments to the players

“We are left with a bitter taste, not because of the financial part but because they went back on their word,” the players said in a statement.

The players want €1m each but the Greek state says it can only €4m to be divided among the 23 squad members.

The Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) stepped in on the side of the players, saying the state’s offer was not enough.

“The players must get one million euros each,” said EPO president Vassilis Gagatsis.

“It was they who got all those people out celebrating on the streets, not the Olympic medals.”

The EPO is expected to try to settle the row by using its own funds to top up the government offer.

Greece’s German coach Otto Rehhagel refused to be comment on the dispute.

“We have come for the three points,” he said.

“The coach deals only in the sporting issues of the team.”