The Greek footballers union has confirmed that the players will refuse to accept any pay cut to help combat the financial crisis engulfing the sport.

Last week the League of Professional clubs (EPAE)stated that they would impose a 20 percent wage cut on players.

‘We will not enter into any negotiations or discussions for a reduction in wages, asdecided by EPAE,’ read a statement from the players’ union (PSAP).

PSAP president Antonis Antoniadis also warned club chairmen that pressure on individual players would not be tolerated.

‘In the event of a problem with a player getting their contract honoured you should know our reaction will be collective,’ he told reporters.

Greek football bosses denied that a final decision over the question of pay cuts had been made, claiming that the reaction of the players’ representatives had been premature.

‘There’s been no decision. It was a rushed action from the EPAEpresident,’ AEK Athens’ acting president Makis Psomiadis told reporters.

‘We don’t decide and order. We have to find a solution together (with players) for the health of Greek football.’

Greece is the latest country to fall victim to the financial crisis sweeping European football. The collapse of a digital TV contract prompted the clubs to bring the season to a halt in the hope of securing financial assistancefrom the government. So far, no such help has been forthcoming.