Former Hearts chairman George Foulkes has accused the Tynecastle club’s majority shareholder Vladimir Romanov of “acting like a megalomaniac”.

Foulkes resigned yesterday after chief executive Phil Anderton was sacked, their departures coming just 10 days after that of manager George Burley.

“Romanov is behaving like a dictator and if he continues there will be a revolution against him.

“I brought him in and very much regret that now,” he told BBC Radio Five Live.

“Phil Anderton has only been there six months and has done a very good job – ask anyone in Edinburgh, ask anyone in Scotland.

“Not only were we top of the Scottish Premier League, our season tickets had doubled and we were planning ground expansion.

“Now that he is the majority shareholder he seems to be acting like a megalomaniac and I really do find it astonishing.”

Foulkes also hinted that George Burley was actually sacked.

“I’m still regretting that we were bounced into sacking George Burley. I think that was a very big mistake,” said Foulkes.

“I know Bobby Robson was lined up as one of the front-runners, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was having second thoughts.

“I would have difficulty advising him. On the one hand, I want the best for Hearts and someone like Sir Bobby Robson would be extremely good.

“But, on the other hand, it would not be very easy for anyone working with Vladimir Romanov.”

“I’ve still kept my season ticket and I’m going to be there on Saturday,” added Foulkes.

“I think we should be there because Heart of Midlothian Football Club is greater than anyone and it’s certainly bigger than Vladimir Romanov.

“I hope that someone else in the longer term might come in and take over. But, at the moment, Vladimir Romanov is the only option.”

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