Ivan Helguera has denied reports that there was a rift at the club after it was claimed that there was a split between the Brazilian players and the Spaniards at the club.

The agent of Robinho claimed earlier in the week that a divide between the Brazilians and Spaniards at the club had made life difficult for former coach Wanderley Luxemburgo.

However, Helguera says he has no problems with Real’s Brazilians, although he admits that team spirit at the club needs to be improved.

Asked why Real were having so many problems, he replied: “I don’t know, the players we have are the best in the world at their position.

“Perhaps we have not found the team dynamic we had before.

“When I arrived at Real Madrid we did not have the quality we have now, but we were more of a team and more like team-mates.

“I’m not saying we aren’t anymore, but there is a very different dynamic now.

“I get on very well with the Brazilians. Those that say the Spanish players don’t get on well with the Brazilians is not correct. We get on really well.

“But what is true is that when training finishes each player gets on with his own life.”

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