Thierry Henry has again raised doubts over his Arsenal future after admitting he was “devastated” by the departure of the club’s vice-chairman David Dein.

The 29-year-old France striker also revealed he is flattered by reported interest from Champions League winners Milan.

“I was devastated when Mr Dein left the club,” said Henry. “I don’t know what happened and I don’t want to know.”

And on interest from Milan, Henry added: “That is great to hear. How can it be anything else?

“As I have said many times, at the moment I am an Arsenal player. But everyone knows that a lot of stuff has happened at the club recently that wasn’t supposed to happen.

“So the only thing I can tell you is right now I am an Arsenal player but I cannot deny it’s nice to hear about Milan.”

Henry, whose personal advisor is Dein’s son Darren, emphasises the importance of the former vice-chairman, who left after “irreconcilable differences” with the Arsenal board.

“The bosses have been unsettled and a lot of players at the club have been unsettled,” he continued.

“Although no one is bigger than the club, Arsene Wenger and Mr Dein are really close to being Arsenal.

“So if you ask me if there was one person on the board I would not like to see leaving, I would have said Mr Dein.

“Unfortunately it is out of my hands. I don’t agree with what has happened but sometimes that’s the way things are. We just have to move on.”