Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has warned Bayern Munich that Wednesday’s Champions League encounter between the two teams is not a foregone conclusion.

Arsenal trail 3-1 from the first leg and Henry admitted the odds favoured the German team.

Henry noted that last season, both Monaco and Deportivo La Coruna had overturned bigger deficits last season.

“When Monaco lost 4-2 at Madrid, everyone was saying that Real were already through and the same when Milan won 4-1 against La Coruna,” said Henry.

“But things can happen. We need to put passion in the game to make it happen for us but I’m sure the fans will be up for it.

“You just never know. Even if Bayern score early, the game is not finished. Milan have defenders like Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Nesta but they still lost 4-0 after winning the first leg 4-1.

“Normally you would say that could never happen to them as they have experience, but it happened.

“Maybe we saw the wrong Arsenal in the first leg, but hopefully we can see the good Arsenal this time.

“Everyone knows we can play well, pass the ball well and go forward well, but we need to be out there as a unit and make sure that we defend well first of all.

“You can’t have a bad night in the Champions League as you pay straight away,” Henry admitted. “We did it once but we still have the opportunity to change it on Wednesday. I hope they can have a bad one this time.

“If we don’t believe, we might as well ring them up and tell them to stay at home as they’ve won, but you have to be confident. It will be difficult but we will try our best.

“Then again, football is about winning. I will be happy if we can turn things around but I won’t be over the moon.

“If we lose in the quarter-finals after beating Bayern Munich, that won’t do anything fo