Former Bayern Munich coach Ottmar Hitzfeld has revealed that Manchester United have offered him a position.

Hitzfeld did not say whether his “offer from United” was to be the club’s manager.

“I want to get back and next summer would be a good time,” said Hitzfeld.

“My wife would go to Manchester with me and I’m ready for a new challenge.”

Hitzfeld, who has been out of work since leaving Bayern in 2004, told Die Zeit that wife Beatrix’s happiness at relocating to Manchester was vital.

“That is important,” he said. “In the past I have had offers, one from Milan, but I can’t see myself coaching in Italy.

“I am 57 in January and I can’t see myself retiring at that age. I am ready to work again.

“Being a coach is my occupation, I have spent my life on the football pitch.”

Hitzfeld stressed the importance of learning to speak English.

“It’s important to know the language well when you coach in a (foreign) country because some people won’t take you seriously if you don’t,” he said.

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