Diego Maradona remains in intensive care in Buenos Aires yesterday but the Aregntinian legend has been taken off artificial respiration.

Argentina sports minister Roberta Perfumo said Maradona’s father had told her the respirator was turned down low and could soon be removed.

Meanwhile, Maradona’s personal doctor has reacted angrily to claims that his patient’s condition was due to chronic misuse.

Alfredo Cahe denied reports that the illness was due to use of cocaine, claiming Maradona had not been taking the drug lately.

“I am concerned about the huge amount of stupid things that some journalists have said,” said Cahe.

“It’s unbelievable. This has no relation at all with his addiction.”

“He is better, everything is a bit more relaxed,” added Cahe.

“He got a cold because on Saturday he played golf until late.”