Fulham midfielder Junichi Inamoto is returning to Japan to play for J-league side Gamba Osaka.,/h3>

The 24-year-old, who was on loan from Gamba, is quitting the English Premiership after the two clubs failed to reach agreement a permanent deal.

“We received a fax from Fulham, declining the deal,” Gamba president Izumi Sano said.

“Fulham say they cannot spend money on a player who has to be sidelined for at least three months,” he added.

Inamoto broke his left shin in June in Manchester in a friendly match between Japan and England.

“Fulham have also proposed signing Inamoto with no transfer fee. But I don’t think we can accept such an offer,” Sano said.

“His valuation will surely rise if he plays well again with Gamba and Japan and we want to help him to do it.”