While a number of English and German football fans have spent the last few weeks demonstrating their desire to welcome refugees to their respective countries, at one club in Israel was rather different.

With supporters across Europe unveiling ‘Refugees Welcome’ in response to the escalating crisis, Maccabi Tel-Aviv decided to display a banner with the message ‘Refugees Not Welcome’ against Kiryat Shmona.

Fans of rival Tel-Aviv club Hapoel responded to the Maccabi banner with a one of their own, that read ‘Who isn’t a migrant here?!’ to show support to the refugee crisis.

Last week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ignored calls for Israel to take in more refugees and has instead pledged to build an 18-mile border fence along the border with Jordan.

Champions League clubs, including Maccabi, have pledged to donate €1 from every ticket sold at their first home game to aid the crisis.