Italian Football Federation

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is set to investigate a regional Sicilian cup match after Bagheria scored eight goals in the final 10 minutes of a 14-3 defeat.

Borgata Terrenove played Bagheria in the final game of a three-team group that also included Partinicaudace.

Bagheria, who needed only a point to qualify for the next round of the CoppaSicilia, were 4-3 behind, when Borgata scored two own goals.

The players then watched as Borgata netted six more own goals before the final whistle, going down 14-3.

The result meant that Terrenove qualified on goal difference in place of Partinicaudace.

“It had been a real contest up to a certain point then Bagheria staged a farce,” the Borgata Coach Ignazio Chianetta told the website Siciliaingol.

“Their captain told me they preferred us to qualify rather than Partinicaudace.

Partinicaudace’s coach Giovanni Cammarata said: “I can guarantee there was no agreement between us and Bagheria.

“I can’t try to understand a motive for these eight own goals. It has nothing to do with football and I hope the FIGC investigates.”

The FIGC are awaiting a referee’s report into the proceedings before deciding what action to take, but its local representative Sandro Morgana acknowledged that this is pretty much an open and shut case.

“We can only define what happened in one way: it was an obscenity which has very little to do with sport,” Sandro Morgana, the FIGC’s regional president, is quoted as saying by La Repubblica. “I’m going to see to it personally that the federal prosecutor hears about it, and he will investigate it to establish what sanctions are due, and to whom.”

Sadly, no footage of the match has made its way on to youtube.