The head of the Italian player’s union says he does not believe that there are any footballers in Italy who have knowingly taken performance enhancing drugs.

Juventus club doctor Riccardo Agricola was last week handed a 22-month jail sentence for administering banned drugs to players during the period 1994-98.

“I don’t believe there is a player in the world that knowingly takes illegal substances because they know they would risk their career and face punishment,” Sergio Campana, president of the Association of Italian Footballers (AIC), told the news agency ANSA.

Several former and present Juventus players testified during the court case and all denied they had been administered illegal substances.

“I believe that the Juventus players who testified told the court what they know and therefore acted in good faith,” said Campana.

“I have to say that no player has ever, even in private, confessed to me that he has taken anything.”

In recent seasons several Serie A players have tested positive for banned performance enhancing substances. Among those who have gailed drugs tests include: Dutch internationals Jaap Stam and Edgar Davids.