Anderlecht’s Nenad Jestrovic has vowed to clear his name after being sent off for allegedly using racist abuse against Liverpool.

The striker was dismissed during his side’s Champions League defeat on Tuesday after clashing with Liverpool misfielder midfielder Mohamed Sissoko.

Referee Kim Milton Nielsen cited racial abuse for his decision.

“It is not a problem that Uefa is going to investigate. I’m not a racist,” said the Serbian, 29.

Jestrovic claimed he retaliated verbally after Sissoko had abused him first – but denied making a racist remark.

“I have spoken to the [Anderlecht] president [Roger van den Stock] and we are going to send Uefa the video.

“I don’t understand why the referee sent me off. Sissoko didn’t hear it and he looked surprised when I was sent off.

“I participate in all the anti-racism events we have at Anderlecht and it’s difficult for me to think that everyone thinks I’m a racist, especially because I want to play in England one day.

“I like everyone and it’s not important to me what colour people are.”