The Italian Football Federation is studying telephone conversations involving Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi discussing refereeing appointments for Serie A matches.

Moggi’s telephone conversations during the 2004-05 season were intercepted by investigators in Turin, and were passed on to the Federation who said they had already opened an investigation.

In the conversations, Moggi talks about the selection of referees for specific games with Pierluigi Pairetto, who at the time was responsible for appointing match officials.

“I am very sorry to read things which could appear very different from the reality,” Pairetto told the Italian news agency ANSA.

“Maybe there were some comments which were inopportune but my good faith is beyond question”.

Meanwhile, Moggi told reporters: “We have a press ban in place and I have no intention of making in comment. Everything is fine.”

Gianni Petrucci, president of Italy’s National Olympic Committee urged the Federation to hold a speedy investigation into the conversations.

“The Federation need to accelerate their investigation in regard to the rights of everyone,” he said. “Above all, who has erred needs to pay the price. It is clear that we want the image and the ethics (of the game) to be respected,” he said.

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