Juventus punished over anti-Naples chants

Juventus have become the latest team to be sanctioned for anti-Naples chanting by their fans during a game, the Serie A league said in a statement.

Serie A’s disciplinary tribunal ordered both tiers of the South Curve at the Juventus Stadium to be closed for one home match for what was officially described as “territorial discrimination”.

However, the sanction was suspended for one year and will be implemented only if there is a new offence during that period.

According to the verdict, Juventus fans repeatedly chanted slogans, including “wash them with fire from Vesuvius”, several times during their team’s 2-0 win over Genoa on Sunday.

Last week, Roma, Torino, Inter and Milan were given the same sanction for anti-Naples chanting by their fans.

The chants were part of a coordinated effort by several ultra groups, who were unhappy that Milan had been ordered to play behind closed doors because their supporters had sung similar anti-Naples songs.