Kaiserslautern face a battle on theiir hands if they are to be awarded an operating licence for next season.

The club confirmed that they have received a licence with conditions attached. The licence is needed to play in the Bundesliga.

The German Football League (DFL) grants a licence to clubs who can guarantee their financial stability. Kaiserslautern, who started the season with three points deducted for breaching licensing rules, have given until June 16 by the DFL to prove their financial worthiness.

“The DFL conditions are met already by the club for the Bundesliga,” Kaiserslautern chairman Rene C. Jaeggi said in a statement, meaning the club would be fine if they managed to stay up.

However, should the club be relegated, Jaeggi admits they would have to make an “enormous effort” if they were to survive. Kaiserslautern currently lie fifth from bottom with five matches to play.

The DFL said on Tuesday that all 36 clubs in the top two divisions had received a licence for next season but some had had conditions attached.