Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned fans they must be patient if they wish to recreate the glory days at Anfield.

As money pours into English football next season, courtesy of an estimated £8billion in broadcast rights, plenty of clubs now have the financial power to compete to sign pretty much any player they choose.

Klopp acknowledges there is a genuine hunger for success at the club, but warns that lasting success will not occur overnight.

“I’ve been here for four months now and I really get the impression that everybody in this club is hungry for success,” he told German media ahead of next week’s return home to face Augsburg in the Europa League.

“And despite everybody longing for very quick success they all are ready to be patient and to invest a certain amount of time that is necessary to gain that success.

“Problem is: the last big trophies have been won a few years ago. It’s a problem that many great clubs have in the present.

“You have to deal with that because obviously there are reasons for that.

“We are trying to bring that success back to the club but both the Manchester clubs and a few London clubs invest a lot.

“So if you make a few good decisions that doesn’t necessarily mean that you make steps ahead on the Premier League table because these clubs are making the right decisions too.”

With all Premier League clubs set to receive an unprecedented windfall next season, Klopp says the competition for players will be fierce.

“Everyone in Germany knows about the TV money in the Premier League and thinks it would be fun in the Bundesliga with this money, but here you have rivals with the same money so it’s not easy,” he said.

Klopp joked that even though he gets paid more at Liverpool than he did at Borussia Dortmund, the amount of time he is spends on the job means that he is earning about the same pro rata.

“It is intense, there is a real intensity here in English football,” added the German.

“It pays more, but if I convert my hourly wage I earn probably the same as in Dortmund!

“I feel very comfortable over here. It’s a special club, a special place. It’s an honour and it’s great fun and a great adventure to be here.

“That’s the thing with Liverpool – you can’t become someone in this club without being a great person.

“For everyone in this club, football is important but they want the whole person. Either you are that person or they make you that person.”