Jurgen Klopp revealed how he reminded his players of the Istanbul spirit to inspire a famous comeback in Liverpool’s Europa League tie with Dortmund.

Liverpool fought back from a goal deficit twice, but they summoned the 2005 Champions League Istanbul spirit to score four second-half goals and claim a fantastic win.

Klopp acknowledged Dortmund had moments of brilliance – but said he used his half-time team-talk to remind his players of the 2005 Champions League triumph.

“The counter-attack of Dortmund is, in some moments, (something you cannot) defend and we saw that after four minutes, after nine minutes.

“Very often in football, the game is over then but not here, not with this Liverpool team. That is great to be part of.

“But at half-time, there was a good atmosphere because I was satisfied, not with the goals, but the game in general.

“I told the lads, ‘I was not there, but a few older Liverpool players – most of them now experts on television – were 3-0 down at half-time and won a Champions League final. So, even though it is not likely, it is possible. We should try it’. And they did.

“We scored, and everyone could see something happening in the stadium. You could see it, hear it, smell it. Then a brilliant attacking situation – Dortmund 3-1.

“Then really that is the moment in football and life when you have to show character and that’s what the lads did, and it was pretty cool to watch.

“To come back in a game like this against this highest quality opponent, you need a little bit of luck but everybody who saw the game would have to say, at the end, it was deserved.”

Klopp also praised the Anfield faithful, who once again created a brilliant atmosphere to inspire Liverpool’s comeback.

“It was an outstanding atmosphere. We need experience like this to grow together. Now we have something like a milestone and that is really good,” said Klopp.