Henrik Larsson has revealed that he turned down the chance of a move to Manchester United two years after he arrived at Celtic Park.

“It was in my second season at Celtic,” said Larsson.

“But I had had a rough time in Holland, my family was settled, I had started getting going again with my football and did not want to break that up. I have no regrets.”

“I am fully aware of what Manchester United have achieved,” said Larsson.

“But, if you make a decision, you can have no regrets.

“Celtic turned into a good team and I love the club.”

Larsson has since decided to quit Glasgow when his contract ends in the summer.

“I would not shut the door on the Premiership, but I would like to go to Spain or somewhere where it is warm, not for a holiday but to enjoy my football,” he said.

“I would love to play for one of the bigger clubs, but I am 32 and have to be realistic and know for a fact that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia will never come for me.

“But there are other clubs who have hopes of the title and who can play in Europe.

“I am in no hurry at make a decision. Something has to be really good for me to do it and there’s always the option of going back to Sweden, where I already have a house built.”