Lazio say they are confident Roberto Mancini will remain in charge at the Stadio Olimpico next season, despite his admission that he has been in discussions with Tottenham Hotspur.

The former Italy striker had been in talks with Tottenham about taking over at the north London outfit but Lazio are adamant that he will remain in his present position.

“Although the future is in the hands of God, we know Mancini and Lazio have every intention in continuing their relationship,” said Lazio’s Ugo Longo.

“Mancini has not only received requests by Tottenham but by other clubs.”

“We are aware of it and it makes us very proud because we have a very talented coach.”

Lazio have been facing major financial problems and it has been reported that Mancini wasbecoming increasingly frfutrated with the situation.

“As many people are aware many of our players end their contracts this summer and we have a new project to re-structure the team.

“Mancini is the right person to conduct this project and he is convinced of our proposal.”

Mancini admitted in an interview with the Eurosport television station that he had been in contact with Spurs.

“We talked just to get to know each other,” said the former Sampdoria striker.

“Just to test the water, that type of thing. I have a long contract with Lazio, but you never know.

“I have always said that I would like to train an English club as the football there is so enjoyable and the players have a great spirit and work together so you can always do something there.

“It might sound strange, but Spurs are an important club.”