Germany coach Rudi Voeller has no intention of dropping Jens Lehmann from his squad despite the Arsenal player’s criticism of national captain Oliver Kahn.

“He knows that he’s made a mistake. He went too far. It won’t happen again. I won’t accept it,” Rudi Voeller told television broadcaster Premiere.

Lehmann said in an interview in Kicker last month that he was Germany’s best goalkeeper and should replace Kahn in the national team.

Lehmann, who has apologised for his remarks, also made no secret of his difficult relationship with Kahn.

“I didn’t know we were supposed to talk,” he said.

‘I don’t have a 24-year-old girlfriend. I have a different life.”

However, Voeller insisted the pair would travel to EURO 2004.

“We have a few matches before Euro 2004. These things must be cleared up, so there will be another talk,” Voeller said.

“Jens must stick to his task. We are not hoping that Kahn is injured or sent off at Euro 2004, but Jens must be ready for such an eventuality.’