Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has criticised Arsene Wenger for saying the German might want to leave Highbury.

Lehmann has lost his first team place at Highbury to Spaniard Manuel Almunia and Wenger has hinted that the German stopper may quit Arsenal.

“It is the second time he has mentioned that and I think everybody in football knows why he does it,” said Lehmann.

“I have signed for three years and I intend to honour that contract.”

Lehmann returned to the Arsenal side on Saturday for the FA Cup tie against Stoke – his first outing since the loss at Liverpool on 28 November last year.

But Wenger has stated that Spaniard Almunia will return for the Premiership game at Bolton on Saturday.

The former Borussia Dortmund player believes he has been the scapegoat for Arsenal”s defensive failings.

“Of course I was surprised to be dropped,” said Lehmann. “I’m sorry but what have I done wrong?

“At this club every goal is blamed on the goalkeeper.

“If they can find someone who never ever makes the smallest mistake they should sign him right away. But it will be very hard to find that person.”

“I was blamed for a lot of goals but in fact I never made a typical goalkeeping mistake.
“I’ve lost the ball outside the penalty area sometimes but that is down to my very risky game.

“I don’t doubt myself. Why should I? I came here and won the championship without losing a game.

“Who can compare to that? Name me anyone who has done that before.”

Lehmann certainly believes he is still the best keeper at the club.

“Of course I think I am better (than Almunia),” he claimed.

“Ask Almunia and he might think differently but he has only played a handful of games for Arsenal and I have played nearly 80.

“If you judge us on the ratio of mistakes made to games played, then my record bears comparison to any other keeper on this island.

“People ask if I felt under pressure in my first game back against Stoke but I felt none at all.

“I am used to playing in big games with a lot of tension. An FA Cup tie against a lower league side wasn’t a big game – for me it felt more like a consolation match.”