Three Leicester City players accused of sexual assault have appeared at a Spanish court to give evidence to a judge who will decide whether the case merits a full trial.

Frank Sinclair, Keith Gillespie and Paul Dickov were sent to jail last Friday after a judge heard allegationms of sexual assualt made against the trio.

The three players have all protested their innocence “in the strongest possible terms”,

The case was briefly suspended when the judge, Jacinto Areste, spoke to the waiting press corps to express the court’s sympathies to those who died in the Madrid bombing on Thursday.

“Nobody can feel indifferent to what has happened today in Spain,” he said.

“All of us who are working here…want to express our pain to the families of those that have died in Madrid,” he added.

At the end of the process, the judge will decide if the men are to face trial and on what formal charges.