Liverpool are to hold a board meeting to consider the rival offers from Steve Morgan and Thaksin Shinawatra to buy a stake in the club.

Thai Prmie Minister Thaksin has made a £65m bid for a 30% stake, while Morgan is offering to invest £73m via shares and a rights issue.

The board are aware that the majority of supporters would prefer the club to accept the offer from Morgan, a lifelong Liverpool fan.

“I have been born and raised in Liverpool and only have the club’s interests at heart,” Morgan told a news conference on Wednesday.

“My message to the board is to think first of the good of the club because that is what I am doing.

“If they think the right decision is to take the Thai offer then I will accept that but I do not honestly believe that it is the right decision.

“I never count chickens, I am not confident but I am hopeful.”

One possible stumbling block with regard to Morgan’s offer is that he is expected to call for the dismissal of Gerard Houllier as well as a reorganisation of the club’s board.

“Like every other fan, I am unhappy about some of the signings we made two years ago,” he said.

“Many have proved to be disastrous for the club.”

‘The manager recommends the players, but it is the board that signs the cheque,” he said.

“That’s where having an influence on the board I would hope to make an impression.”

Thaksin meanwhile seems relaxed about the possibility of losing out to Morgan.

“If we can get it, good. If not, never mind,” admitted Thaksin.

“We have to consider what is a suitable price and we will not offer a higher bid. It depends on whether Liverpool want to be our partner or not.”