Supporters and former players will pay tribute to those who died at Heysel as Liverpool and Juventus meet for the first time sicne the tragedy nearly 20 years ago.

On 29 May 1985, just before the two teams met in the European Cup final in Brussels 39 supporters – mainly Juve followers – were crushed to death when a wall collapsed.

The trouble began when Liverpool fans charged into their Italian counterparts forcing many to flee which ultimately led to the wall collapsing.

There will be a minute’s silence ahead of the Champions League quarter-final at Anfield to remember those who died before Juve’s hollow 1-0 victory.

Every Juventus fan will be given an armband in red, black and white, with the inscription “friendship” in English and Italian.

Phil Neal, Liverpool’s captain at Heysel, will join fans carrying banner proclaiming “In memoria e Amicizia” – in memory and friendship – to the Juventus supporters.

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry hopes that the match will hope that in the spirit of recconciliation the clubs and fans develop closer ties.

He told BBC Five Live: “It will be poignant. I hope we can give a very warm welcome to the Juventus supporters.

“It is about friendship and looking forward. It’s not just about the clubs, it’s important that each set of fans build bridges to each other.

“We very much regret what happened. I hope we can all forgive and forget and move on.”

His thoughts were echoed by Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez.

“If you want to help people the most important thing is talking about positive things and the future. You have to have positive words for people around the tragedy,” said Benitez.

“I have seen the problems all those years ago and I say the best thing is to think about the good relations now between the supporters.

“We have done, as a club, the things we have to do. Now my responsibility is to do the best for the club and give our supporters something to cheer about by winning.”

Juventus coach Fabio Capello said he was pleased that the clubs have been given the opportunity to forge links.

“It is a very nice thing indeed to have these two important teams playing a very important game,” said Capello.

“I am proud to be the coach of Juventus and to be meeting Liverpool again in remembrance of that sad event.”